QianKun (Heaven and Earth) Wands Exercise
Energy, Qi and Physical strength

Good exercise movements aren't random movements!
運動不是亂動 !

Step into the world of joyful movement with our QianKun Wands Practice!

Experience a gentle yet powerful series of movements, using wands to enhance energy flow throughout your body. Designed to seamlessly connect breath with movement, promoting harmony and well-being, whether peacefully like yoga or more energetically like dancing.

Our QianKun Wands Practice offers a path to heightened vitality and inner peace. It’s more than just exercise; it’s a holistic experience that nurtures mind, body, and spirit. Refined over time, this practice ensures you receive potent benefits, unlocking your full potential at home or outdoors in nature.

Immerse yourself in the playful essence of Qi movements, bonding with loved ones—whether parents and kids, partners, or friends—as you journey together. Whether seeking physical health, mental clarity, or relaxation, our practice guides you to wellness. Embrace the flow of energy, discover inner strength, and embark on a fulfilling life journey.

And remember, above all, have fun and relax!

Meet our certified instructors


Chongqing, China

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Patricia L.

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Patricia P.

Taipei, Taiwan

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