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As we step into a brand-new year filled with promise and potential, we all dream of changing and tranforming ourselves and our lives.Did you know that 80% of new year resolutions fail by February? Tired of focusing on the wrong things?What if you could check your luck and understand what odds are in your favor and what you should pay attention to.

Be ahead of the 80% of people who give up on resolutions. Get your own reading with us and find out potentials and threats for the months to come, and build your own step by step plan.

What better moment than new year to unveil the secrets of your fortune by taking a journey with us to explore your luck?

This format of consultation is a non face to face consultation. We use your photo and the information you provide us through the form to give you, through a short reading,  hints and keys about  the next months to come.

If you wish to ask your own questions, and make an appointment for a full reading to build a strategic plan, please select the  4th option.

We’ll make our best to deliver all readings within 48hrs

Prices are charged in Taiwanese Dollars, and might slightly differ from the price shown in USD.


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