Elemental Essence Bracelets – Hand made in France


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Explore the Elemental Essence Bracelets, a unique collection crafted by Florence Studio in France, featuring the finest gemstones designed to enhance your well-being and style. Each bracelet is carefully made with high-quality materials including elastic thread, stainless steel, and distinctive gemstones that bring their own special properties. Whether you seek motivation, inner peace, health, creativity, or protection, our bracelets offer something unique for everyone. Discover the power of natural gemstones tailored in style—choose from our five elegant variations to find the perfect match for your desires and lifestyle.


Black – Fine Onyx Stone
“Onyx serves as a motivator, aiding in propelling you forward, particularly during times of stagnation.”

White – Mother-of-Pearl(nacre)
“Nacre is a transformative ‘stone’, fostering inner growth and inviting us to take responsibility. It’s akin to a reflection of ourselves.”

Violet – Amethyst Stone
“Amethyst is a stone of tranquility, with its high vibrations aiding in reducing anger, fears, and anxieties. It enhances sleep and dreams.”

Blue – Lapis Lazuli Stone
Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom, fostering concentration and intuition. It ignites creativity and facilitates wise reflection.

Yellow – Citrine Stone
Citrine is a stone of luck, fostering positive relationships and connections with others. It instills confidence and provides comfort.



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BRACELET “WEALTH” Black – Fine Onyx Stone, BRACELET "LOVE" White – Mother-of-Pearl(nacre), BRACELET "HEALTH" Violet – Amethyst Stone, BRACELET "LUCK" Blue – Lapis Lazuli Stone, BRACELET "PROTECTION" Yellow – Citrine Stone


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