2024 Year of the Dragon

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Sunday 2024.02.04

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Why the dragon?

The Year of the Dragon, symbol of vitality and prosperity, is an auspicious emblem in Chinese culture, representing strength, authority, and success. Seen as a time of good fortune, especially for career advancement, it inspires a promising future and the pursuit of greater achievements. Its distinctive symbolic significance makes the Year of the Dragon a special period of hope and blessings. 

People highly treasure the Year of the Dragon, hoping to strengthen and achieve success through auspicious energy.

In modern Chinese, the character “龍” represents the meaning of a dragon. However an ancient legend says the character “龍” should originally include the radical of water, making it “瀧,” which was to prevent the dragon from becoming trapped in shallow waters. 

In this little-known tradition, it is said that an ancient Chinese emperor, fearing that others might discover the true meaning of the dragon, removed the three water radical points which was to enhance the positive energy for locating the real dragon or influencing the geographical feng shui associated with dragons. 


Seize the opportunity to unlock the secrets of the Year of the Dragon right now! Embark on a journey with us to explore and enhance your fortune.

Welcome to 2024 Year of the Dragon: Light the Fire!

 🐉 Dragon Year Rarity

Embark on a once-in-a-decade journey as we celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon, a phenomenon occurring only every 12 years. We will uncover the rich history of this year. Join us in harnessing its unique energy for a transformative experience!


🧘 Guided Meditation and Group Healing Offered

Ignite the fire within through a powerful guided meditation. Let the energy of the dragon guide you towards inner peace and healing, setting the stage for a collective experience of positive transformation.


💫 Your Individual Session

Our experts are here to support your journey to break through obstacles in 2024! We’re offering consultations about facing challenges and luck in the first 3 and a half months of 2024, as well as individual or  group healing sessions! 

🗣️ Feedback Time

You’re invited to share your experiences, insights, and connect with our community after your session. Your voice is valued as we collectively celebrate the Year of the Dragon and its positive influence.


🔥 Join Us in Igniting the Dragon’s Fire!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to align with the powerful energy of the Dragon Year. Reserve your spot now for a holistic, transformative, and uplifting online event.

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